Canton Repository July 17th, 2010

Posted on Jan 26, 2013

Canton Repository July 17th, 2010

Family, friends honor memory of ‘Big Mike’


For Joe and Jan Kerr, no pain has been greater than losing their 26-year-old son, Michael, in a motorcycle accident two years ago. On Friday, the eve of the annual Big Mike’s Memorial Bike Run, the couple and their two daughters, Molly and Kristin, met the man in whom Michael’s heart lives on.

Bill Wagner of Long Island, N.Y., with his wife, Ann, brought his own bike here to participate in the event that was held Saturday, starting from Greensburg Park, just a few miles south of where Kerr died of head injuries July 27, 2008. Wagner received Kerr’s heart hours after Kerr was taken off life support.

“It’s overwhelming. Bitter-sweet,” said Wagner of meeting the family, as he sat under a park pavilion with Kerr’s parents, sisters, and aunts before the run.


“Michael’s heart came home last night,” said Jan. “We’ve been waiting for two years.”

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link to video: Bill Wagner Interview