Big Mike Memorial Run will be July 22 2018

Posted on Oct 31, 2017

Thanks for riding in the past Big Mike Runs. Next years run will be July 22nd 2018

Big Mike’s family needs your help. Big Mike’s, (Michael Todd Kerr’s), Aunt Becky Kerr was killed a year before he was born. She was killed on Feb 15th 1980. A abusive ex boyfriend abducted Becky and her daughter and murdered Becky in front of her daughter. He is up for parole on November 13th. We need your help by signing our petition to keep him in prison with no early release. Click on the link below.  You can also go to Block Parole Inc. online or also on FaceBook   There will be an article in the Canton Repository on November 1st.     Thanks  The Kerr Family

Daughter who witnessed mother’s murder 37 years ago fights to keep killer behind bars